Transparency and good governance

The General Foundation, in accordance with its instrumental nature of service to the University of Valencia, complies with the proper policy of transparency and good governance, based on a series of good practice principles that give essence and contents to the institution and to all its areas of activity.

Therefore, on the 18th of December 2014, the General Foundation approved the Code of Good Governance and Good Management Practices, which contains the main national and international recommendations for good governance of non-profit entities and the foundational principles of social responsibility.

The Foundation follows good practices by complying with regional and state laws; the determination of an identifiable body and its members to make decisions; the strength of its mission and its objectives; the promotion of the organisation and effective work ensuring proper accounting in accordance with current regulations; complying with regulations on transparency; monitoring and periodic evaluation of its activity programmes; and the transfer of knowledge and experiences through different projects, programmes and Special Trusts.

The General Foundation of the University of Valencia facilitates the following institutional, organisational, economic and financial information:

Institutional and organisational information:

Economic and financial information:

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