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The General Foundation, in accordance with Article 7 of its Statutes, has a primary mission to cooperate in complying with the aims of the University of Valencia. This task is carried out in three areas and general services through the commissioned management by the University of Valencia.

Experience and knowledge in the social-cultural setting, training and teaching, as well as the area of university cooperation for development provides the General Foundation with the tools to act as a bridge between the University of Valencia and society for information transfer and dissemination, university outreach, dissemination, cultural democratization, training and solidarity.

1. Culture and Training, which encompasses the Area of Musical Activities (Philharmonic Orchestra of the University of Valencia, La Nau Choral School, La Nau Choral Club and the Valencian Flute Group), the Martínez Guerricabeitia Collection and Exhibitions (visual arts), Cultural Heritage (cataloguing and restoration of heritage), Performing Arts (theatre), Alumni UV and Cultural Volunteering (university and citizen participation), the Gandia International Centre (Gandia Summer University, postgraduate and courses), the European Documentary Centre (information and documentation), the Digital Newspapers and Periodicals Library and the Futura Project.

2. University Services, the Professional Placement and Careers Advice Monitoring Centre (OPAL) of the University of Valencia and the Unit for the Integration of People with Disabilities of the University of Valencia (UPD).

3. Solidarity, which includes the Area de Cooperation (UNESCO Chair of Development Studies at the University of Valencia, awareness, scholarships, 0.7 Programme and InfoSud-Information and Documentary Service) and the University Centre for Early Diagnosis and Treatment (CUDAP).

General services provide administrative, computer, legal and communication support to the three General Foundation areas and to several UV projects and programmes to manage this academic institution. The general services of the General Foundation of the University of Valencia are:

1. Administration (Accounting and Fiscal, Human Resources and Treasury), dedicated to tasks including accounting, taxes, budget control and personnel management, among other functions.

2. Marketing and Communication, which designs and develops marketing, image, publicity, communication and dissemination of the entity’s activities and projects.

3. Information Technology, which provides technical computer support to all departments, programmes and areas of the General Foundation.

4. Legal, which draws up resolutions and offers its opinion on different civil, commercial and administrative aspects, and the specific regulations of the foundation sector.

The General Foundation, registered in the Registry of Foundations in the Valencian Community, was founded by the University of Valencia in June 1983, with initial funding provided by Joaquín Maldonado Almenar.

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